Client Focused Services

A Better Cleanroom Certification Experience

CCS is driven to provide a better experience for you. If you need expertise regarding cleanrooms, cleanroom certification and Climet particle counter, we are here to help. We can also provide contacts with cleanroom design/build and cleanroom design/construction expertise as well contacts with other industry leading providers.

CCS is a respected partner for clean environments and cleanrooms, cleanroom certification expertise and Climet particle counters for the cleanroom industry and owners.

Cleanroom Certification

ISO 14644 series certification. Your certification may include all or part of the following components:

  • Airborne particle counts
  • Filter Leak Test
  • Bench Leak Test
  • Airflow velocity and uniformity
  • Airflow parallelism
  • Room pressurization
  • Background noise measurements
  • Light intensity measurements
  • Floor conductivity
  • Temperature and Humidity measurements
  • Electrostatic Test


USP 797

We can provide a complete facility audit consisting of the following:

  • Measurement and ISO classification of your existing compounding equipment
  • Air profiles
  • Room pressurization
  • Complete written report including mapping. This report will also include recommendations and certification (if applicable)

Additional Services

In addition to cleanroom certification and USP 797 certification, we offer:

  • Airflow Analysis
  • Inspections of existing cleanrooms
  • Inspections of new cleanroom construction
  • HEPA filter installation and repair
  • HEPA filter change outs