Certification and Calibration Services, Inc was founded in 1982 as an equipment calibration service company. Our specialty was calibration of optical particle counters. Due to the needs of pharmaceutical and semiconductor companies in New England, we subsequently started performing limited certification services in the area.Hallway2

In 1995, CCS Inc., split off the instrument calibration business to concentrate more on cleanroom certification. In that same year, we contracted with Daw Technologies to scan and repair cleanroom ceiling systems, before certification, in major projects around the world. This experience gave us first hand knowledge of the construction process, and also helped us become proficient in troubleshooting and repairing complex cleanroom ceiling systems. It was also instrumental in introducing CCS, Inc. and our capabilities to a long list of customers, both construction companies as well as end users.

partcounter_endIn 2002, we obtained our National Environmental Balancing Bureau (NEBB) Certification for testing cleanrooms. The NEBB is not required for cleanroom certification companies. However, it is the gold standard in our industry. The NEBB requires the supervisor to have a minimum of 5 years field experience, pass a series of written and practical exams; finally submitting an application package, which includes work history and equipment logs showing calibration frequencies and procedures. A panel of experts reviews the package, and only with their approval is the certification given.

It is not our intent to have more than one major project giong on at any given time so as to devote all of our energies into handing over the best possible cleanroom to the owner. Our reports are clear, concise, easily readable and understandable. We are able to disseminate large amounts of data in a very short time after completion of a certification.

Certification and Calibration Services, Inc is based in New England with branch offices located in North Carolina and Texas. We have certified cleanrooms ranging from ISO Class 1 to ISO Class 8 from 200 to over 200,000 sq feet.   Internationally CCS, Inc has certified cleanrooms in China, France, Israel, Korea the Netherlands, and Taiwan.

Certification and Calibration Services, Inc is certified with the National Environmental Balancing Bureau for testing cleanrooms. Our NEBB certification number is CR156.

CCS, Inc is a member of the Institute of Environmental Sciences (IEST). Our procedures are in compliance with current IEST, NEBB, and ISO standards and practices.velometers_end