Rentals help meet additional needs when necessary

Rent CI-1054 particle Counters and other “Best of Class” test equipment.

Each piece of rental equipment is used on a day-to-day basis for field-testing. We depend on it, so you can depend on it, too. In addition, our usage has led to expertise in the operation of each piece of equipment; this translates into a higher level of personal experience should you have any questions, or need support.

All CCS Rentals rental equipment ships with a documented NIST calibration and calibration certificate.  In addition to the User Manual, we also provide all the necessary accessories to start testing right out of the box.

With several offices across the country, we will always be ready to meet your needs.  Please enjoy looking at the line of equipment available, and please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions, or need any additional information.

CCS Rentals 

Phone: (214) 882-3727   

CCS Rentals have been associated with high tech test and measuring equipment market for more than 30 years, with more than 60 years combined experience.

Test and Measurement Rental Equipment

Each piece of test and measurement equipment that we rent has been chosen for accuracy, performance and quality. We have standardized upon each piece over the course of 30 years of field use. The success of our company depends on the quality and performance of our test and measurement equipment. We confidently and proudly make available for your use the equipment upon which we have built our reputation.

Climet Instruments

Climet airborne particle counters are engineered, tested and calibrated with tight tolerances to exceed industry standards. Years of count efficiency testing has demonstrated that a properly calibrated Climet particle counter produces good count efficiency, even after more than a decade of field operation!


A 100 LPM Particle Counter with RS-232, Ethernet and USB data interface; built-in thermal printer,  filtered exhaust, internal data storage, wall and rechargeable battery power and other advanced features.